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Glendale, AZ
  • Summer's Here!

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  • 11th Annual Christmas in July

    Saturday, July 8 | 10am - 4pm
    Historic Downtown Glendale & Catlin Court
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup

    Quarterfinal | Doubleheader
    July 20 | University of Phoenix Stadium
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Glendale, AZ


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GIS header
GIS City of Glendale Geographic Information System Portal
Glendale City’s GIS is designed to ultimately help answer questions, solve problems, and make better decisions in order to best serve the citizens of Glendale. From interactive maps to data layers and services, explore the GIS portal here.

Median Project Median Landscape Conversion & Water Conservation Project
67th Ave. Roadway Median (South of Beardsley Rd.)
Glendale’s Transportation Division and the city’s Water Services Department have teamed up to launch a pilot water conservation project to convert a portion of existing water-dependent grass area located within the center median on 67th Avenue, just south of Beardsley Rd., to water-conserving artificial turf. Details

Best Data Open Data - Data Visualization 
Glendale has a leg-up for our #opendata initiative as our very own employee Michael Sandberg is a skilled data visualization practitioner!  Michael’s personal Data Visualization blog has been ranked by Feedspot as #3 on the  their list of the Top 50 Data Visualization blogs!   Open Data is not just about proactively publishing datasets, but more importantly it is about explaining what the data means which is why data visualization is a critical component. 

Glendale Crest Glendale City Council Approves 2017-18 Budget
The City Council has approved a fiscally sustainable 2017-18 budget for Glendale that keeps the city on the path of financial stability while maintaining all service levels to citizens. 
News Release


FY 2016/2017 Pavement Management Projects
The Pavement Management Program (PMP) consists of the rehabilitation of poor and deteriorating streets within the City of Glendale with the application of common treatments as well as other pavement preservations methods. The plan to extend the overall life-expectancy of the City of Glendale’s streets through the most efficient and cost-saving measures is carried out through a series of pavement preservation projects. The FY 2016-17 PMP Mill & Overlay (M&O), Crack Seal and Slurry Seal projects are presently concentrated in the southern portion of the City.

For complete details on the PMP projects, please download the flyer here

Watch Glendale Today with Councilmember Bart Turner as he discusses how Glendale manages its street and pavement management program.

Pavement Management Map (north of Peoria)
Pavement Management Map (south of Peoria)


Glendale Crest Glendale Selected to Join National "What Works Cities" Initiative Aimed at Using Data & Evidence to Improve People's Lives
The city of Glendale has been selected to participate in Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities initiative – one of the largest-ever national philanthropic efforts to enhance the use of data and evidence in the public sector. This sets in motion the work that has been underway by the City Council and the executive team over the last eight months to establish a comprehensive, actionable strategic plan that is aligned with the city’s recently crafted mission statement: “We improve the lives of the people we serve every day.

Glendale will be working with What Works Cities’ expert partners, which will provide free technical assistance in open data. The goal of the open-data project is to improve policies and procedures to make municipal data more accessible to residents and the community and to help engage residents around government priorities and services. Additional Details

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Glendale, AZ
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